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How strong is your narrative?

More Than Just A Resume

The best resumes begin and end with a good story. A strong resume will tell that story succinctly. It’ll stand up to a 10-second scan, support what you want to do next, and serve as a foundation for all other collateral, interviews and any conversations you have.

Your resume sets the tone for your career move and getting it right will make all the difference to your search.

Polished Linkedin Profile

Think of this as your marketing website. It’s an opportunity to tell your story in an intelligent and engaging way that connects with your target audience and sets you apart from others.

I usually create resumes and Linkedin profiles together.

My fee for this package falls at around $600 for a mid-career professional.

Professional Branding

This exercise is a terrific precursor to resume development or can be hugely beneficial as a stand alone service particularly for consultants and small business owners.

Beginning with a questionnaire and continuing with an interview and consultation, the ultimate deliverables include a detailed branding/positioning report and elevator pitch.

Fee for Professional Branding is $250.

Interview Preparation

I can help you approach any interview with confidence, enthusiasm and control. Based upon the Topgrading technique and using your resume as a basis for your narrative, I’ll ensure you put your best foot forward.

Interview Preparation fee is $250. This includes a framework of questions and a sequence of calls to hone responses and nail your narrative.

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