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Career Consulting
Need some help navigating a transition?  Together we’ll explore your personality, skill sets, personal values, areas of interest and aspects of work that bring most satisfaction.   We’ll not only identify viable career options, but also support your transition once you’ve committed to a course of action. Through consulting sessions we’ll cover strategy development and execution, including: informational interviews; approach letters; résumé; social and ‘regular’ networking; interview preparation/techniques; and establishing relationships with recruiters.

Résumé Development
It’s all about the process.  Our approach is both consultative and collaborative.  During the interview (lasting 60-90 minutes) we’ll review your existing résumé along with several positions for which you’d like to apply.  We explore your career history in considerable depth, help you hone in on what you want to achieve in future and encourage you to start thinking about how to get there.  In addition to learning about you, the consultation is intended to build confidence and get you excited about possibilities.

Interview preparation
Boost your confidence!  Whether it’s a telephone call, one-on-one meeting or a day of back-to-back interviews, we can help ensure that you make the best possible impression.  Starting with homework prior to our session (research of the role, the company, its culture and the people with whom you’ll be meeting), learn how to use your resume as a framework for conversations and demonstrate why you’re a great fit for the job.    We’ll help you to harness energy and apply it in a positive way, ensuring you approach your interview with confidence, enthusiasm and control.

Job search strategy
A customized road map will be developed based on goals, life/work experience, network, industry and level of seniority.  We’ll help you approach your search with more discipline, guiding you towards productive activities, avoiding those which are fruitless.  Also includes a 30 second elevator pitch.

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