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Bronia Hill

Bronia Hill

I founded Promote Yourself on the basis that life’s too short to spend it on something you’re not passionate about. I’d like to see everyone working in a career that excites them, challenges them and enables them to move forward. Having been there myself (doing something I love), I can attest that it’s pretty compelling.

Can I help you get to a similar place by drawing from my experience which spans three continents and includes multiple client facing roles? You bet!

Of my 18 years’ international experience, 14 were gained in the San Francisco Bay Area. I come from a professional background that deals with achievers across multiple industries, is client-centric and focused on providing high value.

I developed an interest in people during my time as a relationship manager and throughout my banking career have been fortunate to work directly with countless professionals from many different fields. A large number of my former banking clients are C-level executives and entrepreneurs so I understand the strategic importance of these roles – financial performance, efficiency, organizational design, performance management – and have applied this experience to clients’ résumés.

Since graduating from the University of Bath with a BSc (Hons) degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology, I’ve worked in London, Singapore and San Francisco. I know what it takes to create change and land a dream job. Developing résumés that serve as the best foundation for a career move is my specialty. I want to share this experience with you, showing you how to promote yourself in the best possible light, ensuring that you don’t sell yourself short.

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