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Career & Resume Strategist

Take control of your career

In 2009 I founded Promote Yourself on the basis that life’s too short to spend it on something you’re not passionate about or, at the very least, like. I want to see everyone in a career that energizes, challenges, and enables growth.

Can I help you get to a better place by drawing from experience that spans three continents, includes multiple client facing roles and almost a decade of helping others become more successful and happy in their lives? You bet!

Of my 20 years’ international experience, 16 were gained in the San Francisco Bay Area. My professional background caters to achievers across multiple industries, is client-centric and focused on providing real value and tangible results.

Having worked in London, Singapore and San Francisco I know what it takes to create change. Developing narratives that serve as the best foundation for a career move is my specialty (in other words, I’m really good at helping people market themselves). I’d love to share this experience with you and help you promote yourself in the best possible light.

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